The Best Baby Hip Seat Carriers

Hipseat carriers are a specialized type of carrier that broadly distributes the weight of your baby. Most will have a removable seat that sits around the hip area. This allows for more weight to be distributed around the waist area, and makes you less top heavy with your shoulders and back carrying the higher load of a traditional baby carrier. This can provide relief for those who suffer from back or hip pain

These carriers are quick to put on and off. There are usually no complicated straps or buckles required to get your baby in.

A basic hip seat usually just have the seat that’s attached to the waist band. You put on the waist band and arrange the seat in whatever position you like and you’re set.

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Product List Price
Bebamour Designer Sling and Baby Carrier $89.75
Pognae No 5 Outdoor Baby Hipseat Carrier $154.65
Bundle Tumble Baby & Toddler Carrier N/A
Pomfitis Side Ride Baby Toddler Hip Seat Carrier $64.99
CYLEN 100% Organic Cotton 10 in 1 Baby Carrier $159.00

Best Baby Hipseat Carrier

Bebamour Hipseat Carrier

Often the simplicity of a product is what makes it stand out. The Bebamour has a very intuitive design, and for a carrier with five different carrying positions, you will find it very easy to use.

The material used has excellent ventilation which will help prevent your baby getting too hot. It also keeps the soft structure of the carrier light weight. The material is polyester so be weary if your baby’s skin gets irritated easily.

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Best Hipseat For Outdoor Activities

Pognae No 5 Outdoor Baby Hipseat Carrier

If you love taking walks or short hikes with your little one, you will love this hipseat carrier from Pognae.  The fabric is breathable and cool so your baby is going to be comfortable even when the weather is hot.

It is made from 100% organic materials so it is safe for you and your baby. Your baby can start using this carrier from three months up to toddler age. It can carry weight of up to 20 kilograms.

This carrier is lightweight. On its own, it weighs around 800 grams only. It is functional and durable as well. You can use this as a hipseat carrier on its own or attached and zip the body for added support and covering.

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Most Versatile Hipseat

Bundle Tumble Multifunctional Hipseat Baby Carrier

This hipseat carrier is sturdy and really versatile because you can use this in a number of different positions – frontal inward, frontal outward, backpack carry and hip carry.

Just like most hip carriers, you can start using this carrier from three months old onward. The maximum weight that it can carry is forty pounds. It has adjustable straps and superior back support.

This hipseat carrier from Bundle Tumble is stylish design, durable material, and very convenient to carry anywhere you go.

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Handy Hipseat Around The House

Pomfitis Side Ride Baby Carrier

pomfitis baby hipseat carrierThe Side Ride from Pomfitis is the one you need during those times when you just need a quick relief from carrying your child. With this carrier, you can say goodbye to noodle arms and backache.

You can use this basic hipseat carrier in a number of different positions. You can put your baby on the front, in your left and in your right side.

It is simple enough to use. There are no complicated straps and harnesses. Just use the Velcro strap to securely fit the waistband and it is ready to use.

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Most Ergonomically Designed

CYCLEN Hipseat Carrier

The ergonomic design of this hipseat carrier is not only for the parents but your baby as well.  When used as a basic hipseat only, it provides appropriate leg and hip support. When worn with the back panel, it provides solid neck and back support for your baby.

Now for moms, this hipseat carrier is very well-padded. The waistband and the shoulder straps are wider which means that the weight of your baby is distributed more evenly. The straps are adjustable to fit the adult wearer comfortably.

The materials used in this carrier are durable and it can carry toddlers up to twelve kilograms. Aside from being ergonomically designed, you can also use this carrier in a number of different positions such as cradle position, backpack and front carry.

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Best Value Hipseat Carrier

NimNik Baby Sling Hipseat Carrier

Nimnik baby sling carrierThe Nimnik Baby Carrier is a near identical design to the Babi Bambino. This gives you some freedom to shop for the best price between the two brands, and also your favourite colour. Both brand offer a few variations here.

When comparing the fabric you may find the Nimnik to be more suitable for a baby with sensitive skin. The cotton fabric is preferable to many over polyester based designs.

This is a very versatile design and a reliable carrier, for a very reasonable price.

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How to choose the best Baby Carrier!

The size of your baby, intended use, and your physical strength will determine which carrier is best suited for your needs.

Things to consider when selecting the best hip seat carrier:

Carrying Position

For you: The padded and wide waistband can help in proper weight distribution. In hip seat carriers, the weight of your child is distributed across the back and the pelvis region preventing low back pain.

With many carriers including the option to remove most of the carrier and just use the hip seat, this can be a quick and easy way to take some pressure off if you are constantly picking up your baby around the house. So consider lifestyle demands and the positions that you will get most use out of.

For the baby: Hip seat carriers should facilitate a proper seating position. While your child is seating on the carrier, the hips are in a neutral position preventing any injuries or deformities in the future.

Cohip seat carriersmfort

Comfort has become fundamental part of life. We see comfort in everything we do. Always consider a carrier that distributes weight of baby on you evenly. Also, ensure that the strap of carrier is wide and properly padded for your comfort.

Carrier Weight

Some carriers are made of heavy materials and the weight of your baby can make it strain only. This is an added problem for the ones who are suffering from back pain. Get a lightweight carrier for your comfort.

How to wear a hip seat carrier?

Don’t keep your baby at an inclined angle

If your baby is at a slanting position, you are forced to bend forward. This may give rise to further complications. It is always advised to keep your baby at upright sitting position for ensuring that your back is also straight.

Harness Back Straps

Make sure that the baby is in a stable position and harness the straps. This ensures stability of your hip and does not strain your back. your baby should be reasonably secure and not be able to move around too much. This will cause additional physical strain if they can move around. 

best hipseat carrierPosition

The baby should be carried in the side position to avoid overburdening at the back. The side carriers ensure that you have wrapped your back properly. A carrier that uses wraps instead of straps ensures ample coverage and support to the body of parents.

Be sure to mix up the position also. Prolonged use in the same position over time could lead to an imbalance in your muscles, RSI, or generally poor posture. By changing positions you will engage different muscles and keep things balanced.


The most important thing that you should look in the carrier is versatility in the available carrying positions. This will ensure that you get good value out of your carrier and will be able to use it for years to come. 

As your baby grows their will be strong enough to try all positions that the variety will be good for their curious minds. As discussed it will also minimize any physical wear and tear you may experience over time.