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A baby carrier is certainly a life saver when it comes to carrying your baby while going out for a walk, shopping or even for work in the office. Some people prefer strollers but most of the parents love the kind of comfort and the feeling of closeness which is only provided by a baby carrier. It helps parents to easily complete their daily tasks while the baby cuddles and rests or sleeps comfortably.

In order to help parents to choose the safest and the best baby carrier for their newborns, infants or toddlers, I underwent the process of picking the best available products in the market, by rating them on the following parameters.

1. Child’s Safety and Comfort

2. Parent’s Comfort and Ease of Use

3. Style & Material

Based on the aforesaid parameters, here is the list of top 3 best baby carriers with their comprehensive comparison.


Top 3 Baby Carrier Reviews


BabyBjorn Original ReviewBabyBjorn is one name that has a very good reputation in the field of carriers for babies. It has a wide range of products catering to the baby care and safety. The Original carrier from BabyBjorn is certainly the most popular one in its domain. The fact that it is also available in multiple colors makes it worth buying. It is also one of the carriers which come in the price range of $50 to $70 after discount and have free shipping as well as free returns.

Key Features

  • Made up of cotton which makes it very comfortable for wearing. Also comes in 2 more different fabrics.
  • Very easy to use and fits perfectly with minor adjustments.
  • It is specially designed to give great comfort to the child’s neck, back, hips and head.
  • Recommended by various pediatricians.
  • Number one on our list as well as on Amazon.
  • Extremely affordable and the best in terms of the value. Read complete review

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ERGObaby Original

ErgoBaby Original ReviewERGObaby is also one of the top brands of baby products and specialize in the best baby carriers for your children. The Original model of carrier from ERGObaby is one of the most popular products that people buy for their kids. Its amazing features make it the most bought product for ERGObaby in the carrier niche. Furthermore, it is made up of 100% cotton and is machine washable so the parent doesn’t have to worry about it being dirty.

Key Features

  • Support front carrying as well as back carrying positions.
  • Made up of 100% cotton which makes it really comfortable.
  • Padded shoulder straps for more comfort.
  • Can be easily washed in a washing machine with mild detergent.
  • A good and simple design to keep your baby in comfort.
  • Comes from a trusted brand which has a very good reputation in the kids products market all over the world. Read complete review

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BabyBjorn One ReviewBabyBjorn is one of the most amazing and popular brands of baby products all over the world. Their products ensure a high standard of safety as well as quality for the babies as well as parents. The baby carrier one comes in a beautiful mesh material which makes it quite comfortable for the parent as well as for the children.

Key Features

  • Front and back carrier with 4 different positions to carry your child.
  • Ergonomic design with padded shoulder straps and a waist belt which helps in taking off additional pressure.
  • Supports the weight of a newborn (8 lbs) to a toddler of 33 lbs.
  • Most popular carrier amongst the parents who understand the value of quality and want to give only the best to their children.
  • Good for short and tall parents due to the adjustable straps for the shoulder.
  • Extremely stylish as well as comfortable. Read complete review

Read Parent’s Reviews, View Ratings and Check Price of the BabyBjorn One on Amazon

More Great Carriers on the Top List

Tula Ergonomic

Tula ergonomicTula Ergonomic has many extra features to keep the baby safe in the carrier, for example a higher than normal back panel height. The adjustable straps allow you to bring your baby closer to you, having the baby closer to you will increase the bond between parent and baby. The adjustable strap also makes nursing easier. The Tula has nice padding all around which will make your baby feel very comfortable.

Key Features

  • Comes in two sizes, standard (baby) and toddler; the weights range from 15 to 45 lbs for the standard size and 25-50 lbs for the toddler carrier.
  • Available Tula infant insert and Tula Grow Extenders for toddlers.
  • Adjustable straps that allow your baby to be closer to you.
  • Baby sits in a very comfortable M position supporting proper development of the baby
  • Detachable hood for privacy and baby’s security.
  • Many different styles to choose from. Read complete review

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Beco Gemini

Beco GeminiBeco Gemini comes with a pop up collar that gives privacy when nursing your baby in the carrier. You can choose from many different carrying positions depending on what you and your baby like. The Beco Gemini has nice designs to choose from, is safe and comfortable for both the baby and the parent. The carrier comes with a competitive price, especially in comparison with other carriers you find on the market. When you carry your baby in the Beco Gemini, you can be sure that they will enjoy the experience.

Key Features

  • Comes with many different carrying positions such as front facing in, front facing out, the back and hip positions.
  • The carrier is designed for a wide range of baby sizes (newborn to toddlers). The recommended weights are between 7 to 35 lbs or 3.5 to 16 kg.
  • It is great for nursing since it allows direct contact between the mother and the baby.
  • Cross straps are great for weight distribution.
  • Variety of Colors and styles to choose from.
  • Straps can be adjusted anywhere between 23 to 45 inches.  Read complete review

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Specialty Carriers

If you are looking for a specific kind of carrier check out our specialty guides to hep you find what you need:


Top 3 Baby Wrap Reviews

Now Born Blue Polka Dot Pattern Wrap

We have a thing for polka dots here, and just love the bright blue color of this baby wrap from Now Born. The material is 100% cotton and does not have the stretchiness that the spandex blend wraps have. This makes it better for larger babies that can get a bit heavier. You can wrap this up tight and you will not get that give in the fabric. However, this makes it less suitable for newborns. But obviously they don’t stay that way for long!

Key Features

  • Brightly coloured pattern that will really catch the eye.
  • Made up of 100% cotton which makes it really comfortable.
  • Durable material with high safety rating.
  • Can be easily washed in a washing machine with mild detergent.
  • Excellent value at an affordable price point Read complete review

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Baby K’Tan Ready to Wear Wrap

When you invest in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, you will get a multi- functional, ready to wear wrap to keep your toddler or infant cosy and safe, while supporting your own back. It is made of 100 % cotton and is free of harmful azo dyes, formaldehydes and chemical. This doctor- recommended carrier also provides the benefits and positions of a carrier, sling and wrap all in one. Additionally, it is easy to use and features no hardware, rings, snaps or buckles that would harm your baby. With the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, you will be able to take your child with you, knowing that they are both comfortable and well protected. In the package, you will get an instruction booklet and a carrying bag.

Key Features

  • Ready to use out of the box. Great for those yet to master the wrapping technique.
  • It is made using cotton that is 100 % breathable in a design that will provide privacy while nursing, increased security for your baby and with quick adjustability to ensure maximum comfort.
  • You can use it in more than 6 positions (From preemie to pre-school at 35 lbs)
  • It rest comfortably on the caregiver’s shoulders and features adjustable back support bands making it easy to use (an instructional manual has been included to aid you along)
  • It is dryer safe and machine washable
  • It fits snugly and allows for easy stretching. Read complete review

Read Parent’s Reviews, View Ratings and Check Price of the Baby K’Tan Wrap on Amazon

Moby Wrap Original Baby Carrier

Moby are one of the more popular brands for baby wraps and this is their original and best selling model. The carrier comes forth with a couple of features which greatly complement its purpose. One good thing about these carriers is that they come in different colors. This means that you can select a color that matches your preference and taste.

One unique thing about this carrier is that it is designed in line with the modern technology. The manufacturer understands exactly what a mother wants and goes ahead to ensure that your baby is comfortable all along. You can therefore move with your baby to any place without any form of inconveniences and hindrances.

Key Features

  • It is made of 100% cotton
  • Comes with a piece of fabric designed to cover both the shoulders and the back.
  • It is wide and adjustable
  • It can be worn at different positions hence it is for the mother to opt for the best.
  • It is completely strong such that it can support up to 35 pounds.
  • Different colors for parents to choose their favorite. Read complete review

Read Parent’s Reviews, View Ratings and Check Price of the Moby Original on Amazon

Types of Baby Carriers

There are various types which can be used easily to carry your baby around. These are:

Baby Wraps

Without any clasps or rings, a baby wrap is a very simple piece of cloth which is wrapped around a parent’s body to carry their baby. The best part about a baby wrap is that it offers various positions to carry your baby and always keeps your baby really close to you.

Baby Slings

A baby sling is also a simple piece of cloth which forms a pouch sort of a structure by going over a parent’s shoulder. The baby can then be put into the pouch in front facing or body facing positions.


A Mei Tai has four set of straps which come out of the carrier’s body and can be used to wear the baby either on the back or on the front side of the parent’s body. It is quite portable and goes over both the shoulders to balance the weight of the baby.

Soft Structured

A soft structured child backpack carrier which is used to carry a little older baby on the back. It gives quite a good support to the babies and toddlers while giving the parent an easy to carry the baby on the back with the help of straps attached to the carrier.

Front Facing

The front facing carriers are the kind of carriers which go over the parent’s shoulders and are worn as a front pack. The baby’s legs go through the holes provided in the carrier and babies are generally seated with front facing view ensuring that they enjoy each and every moment of their life while the parent is busy doing their work.

Is Carrying a Baby in a Baby Carrier Safe?

If done properly and with good care, carrying a baby in a carrier can be much safer than carrying the baby in the arms. This is mainly because the baby can easily get uncomfortable while being carried in the same position always with a hand under their hips. Also, if the baby is carried in a carrier, the parent has both of their hands free for doing anything. They can even work in the office, move a shopping trolley, buy groceries or hold anything else while their baby is relaxing comfortably in the carrier. After all, a parent is responsible for their child’s safety as well as their own.

10 Essential Safety Guidelines for Carrying Your Babies

Ensure your baby is able to breathe easily

It is a parent’s duty to ensure that their child has enough space in the carrier and is able to breathe properly. A parent should not get so busy in their daily tasks that they forget to check the infant.

Do not use a carrier while driving

One should never use a baby carrier while they are driving a vehicle as the children are not safe during the journey as well as face a danger of vulnerability to injury.

Do not jog or jump while wearing a baby carrier

Things like jogging, jumping on a trampoline, playing a sport or doing anything which is related to the bouncing motion of the body should be avoided which you are wearing a carrier because it can easily hurt the baby’s neck, head or back causing a severe injury to the baby.

Kid’s weight and height should be considered

One must always ensure that they are using the best and quality carriers for infants and toddlers as per their height and weight and as they both increase, the carriers must be replaced by the new ones.

Regular inspection is required

The baby carriers must be inspected regularly to make sure that there is no fault in the fabric, seams, buckles, belts etc. If there is any fault or even a minor issue with the carrier, it must definitely be fixed before carrying the baby in it. This is of utmost importance and safety of both parents and the child.

Dress up the baby properly

It is the parents’ responsibility to dress-up their children properly since they also have an extra shield of the carrier protecting them from cold or sunlight. Parents need to make sure that the baby doesn’t feel too cold or too hot inside the carrier.

Choose the correct type as per the needs

Depending upon the comfort and the need, the right kind of child carrier must be chosen to carry your infants since it ensures the comfort of the parents as well as the children. No one wants a carrier which starts causing discomfort due to itching,

Depending upon the comfort and the need, the right kind of child carrier must be chosen to carry your infants since it ensures the comfort of the parents as well as the children. No one wants a carrier which starts causing discomfort due to itching, excess of perspiration, skin allergy or any other factor.

Avoid cooking while carrying baby

While the parent is wearing a baby carrier, cooking or even going to a place where the baby can be in danger due to fire should be avoided. This is to make sure that the baby is always safe and protected from any sort of injury. Even going near to the barbeque or a bon-fire should be avoided while the baby is with you.

Carry the baby in a proper position

A baby should always be carried in a proper position where their head and back are comfortable and their body is relaxed. It is also important for the parent to keep themselves at a comfortable position because discomfort can easily result in pain in lower back and shoulders of the parent.

Ensuring the best support

The parent must ensure that the baby is well supported from all the sides. A proper back support, thigh support, abdominals support, pelvis and hips support, neck support, head support etc. are some of the most important things to take care of while the baby is sitting in the carrier. Only the best child carrier as per your needs can meet all these requirements and can ensure child safety at all times.


After reviewing and rating a lot of baby carriers on my site, I have reached to conclusion that BabyBjorn Original is the most versatile, safest, comfortable and the best baby carrier out of the ones available in the market.

However not every product is perfect for everyone and every situation. If you are going for hikinghave a bad back or looking for a hip seat carrier you can go through my guides. Or if you are looking for something with a little more sparkle then you may prefer our baby wraps with patterns.

Choosing a carrier depends on various factors and also, how and where you are going to use it. Make sure that choose the best one that is comfortable for you and your baby.

If you would prefer not to carry your baby, and want to go down the stroller route – which we all will one day anyway. Check out out our complete stroller buyer guide here.

Happy Parenting!