The Front Facing Baby Carrier Position – Your 5 Best Options

Front facing baby carrying is one of the most popular ways parents carry their child. While it is popular, it is controversial as well. Frontal baby carrying is convenient and easy for parents. We assemble the carrier; Put the baby in; Adjust the straps; and we are good to go.

Other positions may need an extra pair of hands to help us assemble the carrier and to secure our babies. Especially for the backpack position. There are mothers who also prefer to see what their babies are up to while they are engaged in other activities as well.

So you can make an informed decision let’s explore the best carriers suited to the front facing position, plus the advantages and disadvantages of frontal baby carrying.



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Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier 2 in 1 $89.75
Britax Baby Carrier $65.58

SIX-Position LILLEbaby 360⁰ Ergonomic Baby Carrier

LILLEbaby 360 ergonomicThe LILLEbaby 360⁰ carrier is a versatile carrier that can be use in six different positions – the fetal frontal, infant frontal, toddler facing in and facing out, hip seat carry and backpack carry. It offer advanced support for both the babies and the parents.

It has wide belts and wide shoulder straps to ensure that the weight is equally distributed. It has other cool features such as hood and head support for the baby. This is a great safety feature and allows for use with young infants right up to toddler age.

It features the COMPLETE AIRFLOW technology that helps in temperature control. The mesh fabric also helps in air circulation making babies more comfortable than ever.

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NimNik Baby Sling Carrier

Nimnik baby sling carrierWhat makes the NimNik Baby Sling Carrier unique is its hipseat feature making it safe and comfortable for babies. This also minimizes the risk of hip dysplasia developing – one of the major concerns in using baby carriers and slings.

Aside from having a hipseat feature, the carrier is also well-ventilated. Moms living in places with hot climate can use this carrier.

It gives adequate lumbar support for the moms and the dads out there. No more back pain even after carrying your babies for hours. It has padded shoulder pads to avoid shoulder pain.

You can use this carrier in different position especially frontal facing inward and frontal facing outward. It is also possible to use this carrier in a backpack carry position.

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Infantino Flip Front 2 Back Carrier

infantino flip front 2 back carrierThis is definitely one of the favorite starter baby carriers out there. The Infantino Flip Front 2 Back is budget-friendly and it can be use both as a front carrier and a back carrier. Moms love the versatility of this product. It fits babies from eight to thirty two pounds.

It has padded shoulder straps and a chest strap for added support. Babies are definitely going to feel comfortable because its interior is lined with BreatheMesh Fabric. The design is very basic and is great for inexperienced or occasionally baby wearers.  

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Bebamour New Style Designer Sling and Baby Carrier

Bebamour New Style Baby CarrierThis is another sleekly designed baby carrier. For a carrier with a hipseat feature, the Bebamour is pretty affordable. One can use this as a frontal baby carrier for smaller babies. Those who have bigger children can use this as a backpack carrier.

It has other features that you can find in some of the more expensive baby carriers out there such as a good lumbar support, a well-padded shoulder pad, and a ventilated mesh fabric.

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Britax Baby Carrier

Britax Baby Carrier ReviewBritax Baby Carrier is an easy to use baby carrier that offers features similar to other more complicated baby carriers out there. It offers full support by distributing the weight of the baby all across the back, shoulders and the waist.

When using this carrier, you can front carry your baby either facing inward or outward. Babies are also comfortable using this carrier because of the padded leg support and contoured design that aids in circulation.


There are two types of frontal baby carrying. The inward frontal baby carrying and the outward frontal baby carrying. It is best to determine what scenarios are most suited to each position.

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  • When a mother carries her baby in the Inward Frontal Baby Carrying position, it means that the baby is facing her. This is the best position for babies from three to six months old.
  • This position encourages more familiarization between the mother and the baby. Moms will become more aware of the cues and behaviors of their babies while the baby is going to be more familiar with the face and the facial expressions of the mother.
  • This position can prevent overstimulation of young babies.


  • This position helps promote spine development of the babies. It is important to remember however that you need a carrier that can properly support a seated position. This means that the carrier must not give any pressure on the crotch area and the carrier must properly support the baby’s buttocks to avoid any strain.
  • Allows babies to explore and learn more about their surroundings.

It is important to listen to what your baby is saying. If they become fuzzy and irritated in the outward frontal baby carrying position, it is best to shift it to the inward frontal baby carrying position. There’s a chance that they are overstimulated. It may also mean that they are not ready to see so many unfamiliar faces all at once.

Since the inward frontal baby carrying position promotes bonding and interaction between the mother and the child, it is best to use this position for as long as you can. Slowly, your baby will learn independence and trust through your guidance. Before you know it, your baby is going to be the one giving you cues that it is time to move to the next position – the outward frontal baby carrying position.

Now that we know more about the two frontal baby carrying position, it is now time to take into consideration the advantages as well as the disadvantages of carrying your child in this position.


  • It encourages the development of the normal spine curvature. We are not born with our normal spinal curves. As the baby grows and starts to develop head control, the spine starts to develop.
  • Frontal baby carrying can aid in the developing the natural curvature spine by encouraging the baby to support his own head. Remember that this can be achieved with the aid of a baby carrier that offers maximum support for your baby.
  • Keeping babies in an upright position can help in muscular development. Every time mom moves – doing the laundry, cleaning, walking, the baby moves to compensate to counter all of these.
  • Aids in improving respiration.
  • Frontal baby carrying can help in preventing ear infection. It is common for babies to suffer from ear infection because of gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. Putting babies in lying or horizontal position can worsen the symptoms of GERD. Gastric juices can enter the throat and from there it can reach the middle ear. In infants, sphincters are still immature and are open making it easier for gastric juices to reach the middle ear causing ear infection.
  • Babies that are carried are always learning new things. They will always encounter a new word, smell, a song and many other stimuli.
  • Mothers can engage in their normal day-to-day activities while attending to the needs of their babies.


  • Frontal carrying can be tough for moms. There are those who suffer from low back pain and shoulder pain. These problems can be addressed when using the right type of baby carriers that offers the right support for you and your baby.
  • Frontal carrying can put unnecessary pressure in the groin area and may sometimes even irritate the skin. To avoid this, you can use a carrier that has a hipseat feature. Your baby’s legs will not dangle and your baby is going to be in an upright position.
  • As suggested, if the baby is not yet ready to receive different type of stimuli, it is best to return your baby in inward frontal baby carrying position.

Most of the disadvantages cited here come from using carriers that doesn’t give enough support for the baby and for the parents. So it is worth your time researching what design of carrier is best for you. In that case you have come to the right place!!


There is a big variance in the price you will pay for each of these carriers. We love the Lillebaby as it offers the most complete solution and will have you covered from a very young age right through to toddler. The higher entry cost is often cheaper over the long term as you may not need an interim baby wrap when the little one is still at infant stage. The durability of the higher quality fabric and stitching also minimises the likelihood of any future surprises.

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