How to Get Dad Involved with Breastfeeding

involve dad in breastfeeding

Are you a mom who is exhausted from the constant demand of breastfeeding? Do you have a baby who has bonded deeply with mom but struggles being left alone with dad? Are you a dad who may be feeling left out, wondering how you can be more involved with your baby in these early stages of life? Breastfeeding is one […]

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How to Decrease Your Milk Supply

reduce milk supply

Making the decision to wean your baby from the breast is a very personal decision that parents should make together and with their health care professional. The World Health Organization and UNICEF recommend breastfeeding until the baby reaches two years old. In some countries it can also be a cultural norm to continue feeding past the two-year mark. In the […]

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How to Clear a Clogged Milk Duct

clogged milk duct

Breast feeding your new baby is an experience that not only provides the best nutrients possible to your child, but is also a remarkable bonding ritual between a mother and her baby. Breastfeeding should be painless and comforting to a newborn. Mother’s that tell you that breastfeeding is joyful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week are probably trying […]

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How To Stop Pumping Breastmilk?

stop pumping breastmilk

Now that your breastfeeding journey is winding down, it is time for you to gradually wean yourself from the pump.  There is a risk that you may experience pain or discomfort if this process is not managed correctly. If you think back to when you were trying to ramp up your milk production, it was a process of training your […]

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What is a Galactocele, and What Can I Do About It?

breastfeeding complications

Did you recently find a lump in your breast that has you worried? Is it causing physical discomfort, but is not accompanied by other symptoms, such as fatigue or fever? Are you currently pregnant or lactating, or have you recently begun weaning your baby? Chances are you do not have breast cancer but merely a galactocele. This is not something […]

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Best Nursing Covers for Breastfeeding and Pumping

breastfeeding cover for nursing

Lactation requires regular extraction of your breast milk. The timing of which gives no consideration to your environment. Either your baby needs to be fed, or you need to pump to relieve the pressure. This means being ready for action at all times no matter where you are. Most of us are not all that comfortable whipping the boobs out […]

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Why Do I Get Itchy Breasts while Breastfeeding?

itchiness when breastfeeding

Stretch marks and cracked nipples got you down? Do you feel a slight burning sensation, like pins and needles, while you are feeding your little one? Are your breasts red, tender, or blistered? Is the intense itching enough to make you want to claw your skin to shreds? There are many reasons that your breasts may be itching while you […]

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Best Breast Pumps for Exclusive Pumping

breastpump for exclusive pumping

Exclusive Pumping, or commonly known as EPing, is for more mothers who are having difficulty breastfeeding and still want their to baby to get the full benefits of the nutrition that mother’s milk can offer. When nature does not come to the party, we have to look at alternative solutions to give your baby this opportunity. This is where technology steps […]

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Postpartum Nursing: Why Breast is Best

postpartum breastfeeding

Nursing, or breastfeeding, is commonly known to be what is best for infants. But nursing is also exceptionally beneficially for postpartum mothers as well. There are many programs, books, and coaches out there that will paint a lovely picture of postpartum nursing that will make it seem like an easy task that comes naturally to mothers and babies. But, nursing […]

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