Best Twin Baby Carrier For Extra Strong Parents

If you have twins you may be feeling that baby wearing could be beyond you. Twice the baby… twice the weight… just one parent. While it would be nice to always have the option to split the load; one for Mom; one for Dad. The fact is life will rarely work out like this. There is always the option of a Tandem Stroller, but if you want that nurturing closeness to your baby then a Twin Baby Carrier could be the best option for you.

The benefits of baby wearing are immense and have been the subject of numerous studies. The range of good options for baby carriers specifically designed for twins are very limited. There is only one manufacturer – TwinGo – that we feel comfortable enough with to recommend to you here. They have two options for you to purchase at different price points.



Product List Price
TwinGo Original Baby Carrier $214.95
TwinGo Carrier - Lite Model N/A
Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Baby Carrier $149.99

TwinGo Original Twin Baby Carrier

Baby carrier for twins

Did I mention that in an ideal world you would just split the load between the parents? The TwinGo Baby Carrier has you covered for both scenarios. The clever design of this carrier allows the carrier to be split into two fully functioning carriers. When you are flying solo it clips back together and allows one on the front, and one on the back. Genius!

Each carrier will hold up to 45lbs and will suit anyone from 4’11” and above. While your babies may outgrow the double carry function over time, you will still have the option to use it as a single carrier for many years before they outgrow the recommended limit (70lbs when word together). Unless you are up for the 70lb baby wearing challenge of course… With the material being the same as what is used in mountaineering gear you can be sure this will stand the test of time.

Features included:

  • Base carrier
  • Attachment carrier
  • Extra shoulder straps
  • Two sleeping hoods
  • Two carry bags that can double as a diaper bag when you are using the carriers

The design is very comfortable and distributes the weight well across your frame. You may surprise yourself with the load that you can handle, and find strength you never knew you had.

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TwinGo Lite Twin Baby Carrier


Twin Baby Carrier

This model will get you in at slightly cheaper price point. The carrier itself is the same design, material and quality as the TwinGo Original. However, difference is you do not have all the included accessories. So you have some flexibility there to buy only what you need.

There are a number of great accessories that you can purchase as the need arises including:

>> Check out the TwinGo Lite Baby Carrier – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon

You may want to check out other models on the market for the sake of comparison, but we do not recommend them as a top choice for you and your babies.

Stuff 4 Multiples – Twin Baby Carrier

Twin Baby Carrier


This boasts the ability to reconfigure the carrier into six different positions. To us this seems like an unnecessary complication for something that could already be challenging if not done right.

You have the option to carry both babies at the front, but unless you have a super strong back we feel that you are asking for trouble long term in doing this. You also have the option for one at the front and one at the back so you have more of a steady foundation to balance the weight.

This may be suitable for Dad if he is to do most of the baby wearing, or if your babies just don’t like being worn at the back.

>> Check out the Stuff 4 Multiples Twin Baby Carrier – Plus Features and Reviews at Amazon


The design of the TwinGo range makes twin baby wearing a manageable task, so don’t underestimate your ability to do this. It can be a hugely beneficial experience for your little ones as they develop. You really get the best of both worlds with the detachable second carrier and you will save money by avoiding having to buy two separate carriers.

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