BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original Review

[amsl asin=”B0009JOSNM” title=”Check this at” class=””]BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original[/amsl]The BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original is designed for newborn babies. You can use it to carry your newborn (from 8 to 25 lb) for several months until they start crawling. It is designed for 2- way front carrying and has back support for the carrier. Additionally, this original baby carrier comes in several colors but in 3 different fabrics. Therefore, you should be able to choose one that suits you well. Since it is machine- washable, you no longer have to worry about how to clean it.

Apart from the above, the BABY BJORN Baby Carrier is pediatrician approved and has been manufactured using safe and tested material. You can be sure that both you and your baby will feel comfortable anytime you use this adorable carrier.

Key Features of the Baby Bjorn

When you get hold of the Baby Bjorn carrier, you will be able to enjoy a number of great features including:

  • Easy to Use Classic Design – The carrier is small and relatively easy to use. It is designed to provide greater closeness between your baby and yourself. You will also have an easy time putting it on and taking it off, with a few adjustments.
  • It is a perfect fit both for newborns and toddler
  • It provides improved contact and closeness between yourself and the baby
  • You can adjust it as your baby grows
  • It comes with an outward facing options, which allows you to choose between carrying your baby facing outwards or inwards
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Baby Safety – 5/5

BABYBJORN manufacturers are well known for always putting the health and safety of children first. Therefore, when you invest in the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original, you can be sure that your baby will be safe and sound. The product is designed after consultations with leading midwives, child psychologists and pediatricians. The medical advice so given is then used to produce this useful baby carrier.

Baby Comfort – 5/5

All materials and fabrics used in this baby carrier are kind on babies. Your child will not experience any discomfort- whether it is on their delicate skin or their tender bodies. Additionally, you should not worry about your baby getting sick when they chew or taste the carrier. These materials and fabrics are completely harmless.

The carrier also comes with a two- way front carrying option. You can use it to carry your baby facing you (heart to heart) during their first months. Then, when they are a little older, you have the option of carrying them facing either outwards or inwards. This option further boosts the baby’s comfort.

Parent’s Comfort – 4.9/5

Although the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original has been designed to maximize the comfort and safety of your baby, it also has certain advantages to the parent or adult carrying it. For one, it comes with wide, padded shoulder straps. You can use these to distribute the weight of the baby (and the carrier) evenly on your shoulders. This features makes for comfortable carrying. Additionally, the carrier has been designed such that you can easily put it on and take it off. You only need to adjust it a little to do this.

Ease of Use – 5/5

The ease of use has attracted many parents to this carrier. You can easily put it on and take it off since all the adjustments can be made quickly at the front. It also features strong and well- designed latches that will click securely into place (and which can easily be released with one hand).

Overall Rating & Verdict – 4.9/5

The BABY BJORN Baby Carrier Original is one of the best in the market today. It is affordable, considering all the features that it comes with. You can also be sure about your baby’s comfort and safety while boosting your own comfort when you get this revolutionary baby carrier. Compared to other low- end carriers, the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Original is within a class of its own.

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