The Best Baby Hip Seat Carriers

[amsl asin=”B00F33YB5O” title=”” class=””]orangetag baby hip seat carrier
[/amsl]Carrying your baby in a carrier may become hectic if you have any type of back or hip aches. There are many special carriers that are designed in such a way that it spares parents from the hassle of carrying the baby or toddler using their back and the best way is to use a Hip seat Carrier. Such carriers allow parents to use other parts of body like hips and waist.

Selection of baby carriers should be done with keenness so that it does not cause any health problems. This way you can also evade from any kind of aggravations.

After reviewing all the options, we can form a pretty good idea about the quality of a hipseat carrier.

Best Baby Hip Seat Carrier

[amsl asin=”B0122QZR1Q” title=”” class=””]yokohama hip seat carrier[/amsl] The Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier is made of pure cotton and it perfectly complements the baby for cold seasons. It has been designed in such a way that baby can feel complete warmth and comfort.

High quality cotton used for making this provides a perfect resting position to the baby. The carrying position for parents of this baby carrier is in the front part.

This carrier is designed in such a way that the back part of parents gets covered and the baby rests comfortably.

The strong and secure attachment for parents ensures that the baby is in perfect position for a particular duration in the carrier. The carrier is strong enough to carry weight about 35 pounds. Even distribution of baby weight assures minimum back strains or any other complication.

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Babi Bambino Hip Seat Baby Carrier

[amsl asin=”B0189QQ596″ title=”” class=””]Babi Bambino Baby Hip Seat Carrier[/amsl]The Babi Bambino Hip Seat Baby Carrier is considered to be the best due to its ergonomic design. It has capacity of accommodating babies of 12lbs to 36lbs. This means that the carrier can be used throughout the infant and toddler stage of baby. It is very strong to bear such weight. It is considered best for the parents who are suffering from back pain.

The Bambino can either be carried front facing or back facing on the side. Parents can use the front carrying posture for more comfort.

The weight of baby is distributed throughout the carrier and it does not cause any strain on the back. The removable sleeping hood along the foot straps ensures comfort of your baby and also keeps them safe.

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NimNik Baby Sling Hipseat Carrier

Nimnik baby sling carrierThe Nimnik Baby Carrier is a near identical design to the Babi Bambino. This gives you some freedom to shop for the best price between the two brands, and also your favourite colour. Both brand offer a few variations here.

When comparing the fabric you may find the Nimnik to be more suitable for a baby with sensitive skin. The cotton fabric is preferable to many over polyester based designs.

This is a very versatile design and a reliable carrier, for a very reasonable price.

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OrangeTag Baby Hip Seat Carrier

[amsl asin=”B00F33YB5O” title=”” class=””]orangetag baby hip seat carrier[/amsl]The OrangeTag Carrier is perfect for parents on a budget that are looking to try out a hip seat carrier without breaking the bank.

This carrier is design for toddlers weighing 22lbs to 40 lbs. It is just a frog leg sitting position that is complemented by full padding.

The carrier allows even distribution of weight on the waist for minimizing back pain when carrying your toddler or baby.

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How to choose the best Baby Carrier!

The popularity of baby carriers is increasing and so is competition between all the products, varieties, styles and many other things. Baby wearing is very beneficial as it keeps the baby happy and builds a strong bond between parents and baby. Infants usually love to be carried on chest while performing some other tasks. With advent of technology, carriers have evolved designs, backpacks and slings in the past. There are five types of carriers that are available in the market – wraps, soft structure carriers, frame backpacks, mei –tai and slings.

Things to consider when selecting the best hip seat carrier:


  1. Carrying Position

If you have issues with your back, search for baby carriers that offer different positions for carrying. Avoid carriers that are designed especially for your back. Use carriers that allow parents to carry toddlers by using the hips and waist part of the body.

          2. Comfort

Comfort has become fundamental part of life. We see comfort in everything we do. Always consider a carrier that distributes weight of baby on you evenly. Also, ensure that the strap of carrier is wide and properly padded for your comfort.

          3. Carrier Weight

Some carriers are made of heavy materials and the weight of your baby can make it strain only. This is an added problem for the ones who are suffering from back pain. Get a lightweight carrier for your comfort.

How to wear a hip seat carrier?

1. Don’t keep your baby at an inclined angle:

If your baby is at a slanting position, you are forced to bend forward. This may give rise to further complications. It is always advised to keep your baby at upright sitting position for ensuring that your back is also straight.

          2. Harness Back Straps:

Make sure that the baby is in a stable position and harness the straps. This ensures stability of your hip and does not strain your back.

          3. Position:

The baby should be carried in the side position to avoid overburdening at the back. The side carriers ensure that you have wrapped your back properly. A carrier that uses wraps instead of straps ensures ample coverage and support to the body of parents.


It is very essential to follow all safety rules when carrying your baby in a carrier. Don’t compromise in the carrier you choose as it is all about safety of your baby. The most important thing that you should look in the carrier is versatility in carrying positions because as your baby will grow, his or her position will also change according to their comfort. Varieties can keep both the baby and the parent comfortable and happy wherever they go. There are many choices of baby carriers available in the market and all have compelling and innovative designs. Choose a carrier that combines both comfort and style. The carrier that you choose should work well for newborn babies to the toddlers.