The Best Baby Gates for Every Purpose and Style

best baby gates

Baby gates are indispensable when it comes to child-proofing your home. They can prevent many injuries, like burns from fireplaces or falls down the stairs. Plus you may never have to worry about your little playing with the toilet seat, or sticking their hands in the bowl the moment your back is turned… I don’t know which one is worse. […]

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Baby Proof Stairs – Baby Gates and Bannister Shields

baby proof stairs

The moment your little one transitions from baby to toddler, you will begin to find yourself on high alert all hours of the day. Everything will become a hazard in your eyes and you will start to frantically chase your child around the house while trying to baby proof everything. One of the biggest areas of concern in your house […]

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Baby Proof Bookshelves – Protect your Baby and your Books!

baby proof bookshelves

Bibliophiles beware! There is a tiny terror living in your house! Chain the doors; lock the windows; hide your books! This little monster is on a mission to destroy! Perhaps that is a bit dramatic, but regardless, you should be aware and prepared when it comes to your little one and household hazards. As soon as she is on the […]

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Baby Proof Outlets – Prevent Electrical Hazards

baby proof electrical outlets

The day has finally arrived. Your adorable little baby, who used to simply lie in one place looking as cute as can be, has now found her feet (or, rather, her hands and knees) and is on the move. Everything is now up for grabs, in her eyes. Pretty soon, hazards you had never even noticed before stand out like […]

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